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Remote shutter for Canon S95 from a wireless doorbell


Are you tired of explaining to your family that they have to remain still until the camera timer triggers? on every family celebration the same history. I always wanted a remote shutter so I don’t have to rely on the camera timer, and if I can construct one for few bucks, much better!

The software CHDK adds to Canon cameras functions that are not present by default, in my case I have a Canon S95 and CHDK lets trigger the shutter when a 5V signal is detected on the USB port. Read more of this post

PS2 mod to play ROMs and backups


A friend of mine gave me a Play Station 2 (SCPH-50004 – V9) and as I have only few games I decided to mod it so I can play ROMs and game backups. The modchips for PS2 are now very cheap (I got one for 10€) but put it in place is quite tedious as the solder points are extremely small.

Here you have some photos of the process. Read more of this post

Space Photos


These are some of the best photos I have shoot with my cheap telescope, you can see clearly the Moon and more or less the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

The telescope is a refractor Bresser Skylux 70mm, I have used an adapter to tie the eyepiece with the camera. First I used a Sony W70 and more recently I have switched to a Canon S95. Read more of this post

The Water Cooling experience


Navegando por la página de encontre el artículo de una persona que habia hecho un water cooling de forma casera, y me pareció muy interesante, asi que decidi hacer uno como el suyo.

Mientras pensaba en como hacerlo se me ocurrieron varias ideas para intentar mejorar los resultados y tambien el aspecto. Read more of this post

Disco duro antiquismo 1988


El disco duro en cuestión es del año 88 aprox. y tiene, bueno tenía 😉 20Mb jeje q tiempos aquellos en que en ese espació te entraba el OS y todos tus programas.
Ya se que es una reliquia, pero también es un estorbo y antes de tirarlo pues decidi abrirlo a ver que escondía dentro. Read more of this post