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PS2 mod to play ROMs and backups


A friend of mine gave me a Play Station 2 (SCPH-50004 – V9) and as I have only few games I decided to mod it so I can play ROMs and game backups. The modchips for PS2 are now very cheap (I got one for 10€) but put it in place is quite tedious as the solder points are extremely small.

Here you have some photos of the process.

PS2 Modbo 735

PS2 Modbo 735

The modchip is a  Modbo 735, it was labeled as a Matrix Infinity 1.99 a more famous and expensive chip.

3v9-diagramme dsc01807 img_0604 img_0606

This is the console before and after the modification, as you can see the final result is quite professional.

I had to reopen the console to repair some solder points but at the end I got it working perfectly, now I can play to my PS1 and PS2 backups.



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