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Remote shutter for Canon S95 from a wireless doorbell


Are you tired of explaining to your family that they have to remain still until the camera timer triggers? on every family celebration the same history. I always wanted a remote shutter so I don’t have to rely on the camera timer, and if I can construct one for few bucks, much better!

The software CHDK adds to Canon cameras functions that are not present by default, in my case I have a Canon S95 and CHDK lets trigger the shutter when a 5V signal is detected on the USB port.


I did the triggering device using a wireless doorbell I bought on eBay for less than 4€.


The doorbell was too big to be portable, so I removed the part of the circuit that generates the melodies and redistributed some components.

img_1042_img_1045_schema img_1046 img_1052 img_1053 img_1054  img_1055

An other problem was the power, the 2 AA batteries that the doorbell uses are quite large and heavy for the low power needed by the device, also we need to put 5V on the USB so the camera can be triggered but the 2 AA batteries only gives 3V.

Two  CR2032 batteries in series gives 6V and are much less tiny, the doorbell circuit works fine with 6V and the USB of the camera can handle this voltage also, so I won’t need to make any voltage conversion.

To attach the 2 button cells to the doorbell I made a simple circuit with the holder for the batteries and a switch to shutdown the circuit and avoid discharge the batteries while they are not in use.

img_1068 img_1070 img_1071 img_1072 img_1075

img_1076 img_1077 img_1079

To improve the aesthetics of the remote I have made a fiberglass case.


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