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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Huawei Honor Pocket Printer CV80 China Version to International

I purchased the Huawei Honor Pocket Printer model CV80 from Aliexpress on late 2019 but I didn’t tested until 2021, I was unable to sync it with my Android device using the Huawei Printer app from Google Play, then I tried to scan the QR code on the manual and downloaded the Chinese version of the app, with this version the printer can be discovered and prints correctly.

I seems Huawei as it does with mobile phones and other products has two firmware versions one for Chinese market and other for international buyers. Physically the versions differs only in the color of the front panel and on the name on top, for international units it’s “HONOR” while for Chinse units it’s “HUAWEI”. I got the Chinese version and it’s not supported by the Google Play HUAWEI Printer app.

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