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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Programming Bus Pirate v4 without ChipKit

While on vacations I started a project where I needed to program a device (nRF52833) via SWD, as a programmer I wanted to use a Bus Pirate v4.0 I had on hand and OpenOCD.

After some hours of unsuccessful attempts I arrived to the conclusion that the firmware of my Bus Pirate has some bug on JTAG/SWD function. I downloaded newer firmware from and tried to burn it using pirate-loader but I was unable to communicate with the device even shorting PGC-PGD, tried lots of things until I remembered last time I programmed Bus Pirate was with my own compiled firmware and PICKit instead of using BP own bootloader, so probably I deleted accidentally the bootloader.

My only option was to program the Bus Pirate using directly the ICSP port, but my PICKit is at my home far away.

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